Arch Linux Package Manager Library
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
add.c [code]
add.h [code]
alpm.c [code]
alpm.h [code]
alpm_list.c [code]
alpm_list.h [code]
backup.c [code]
backup.h [code]
base64.c [code]
base64.h [code]Copyright (C) 2006-2010, Brainspark B.V
be_local.c [code]
be_package.c [code]
be_sync.c [code]
callback.c [code]
callback.h [code]
cleanupdelta.c [code]
conf.c [code]
conf.h [code]
conflict.c [code]
conflict.h [code]
database.c [code]
db.c [code]
db.h [code]
delta.c [code]
delta.h [code]
deps.c [code]
deps.h [code]
deptest.c [code]
diskspace.c [code]
diskspace.h [code]
dload.c [code]
dload.h [code]
error.c [code]
graph.c [code]
graph.h [code]
group.c [code]
group.h [code]
handle.c [code]
handle.h [code]
log.c [code]
log.h [code]
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code]
lib/libalpm/package.c [code]
src/pacman/package.c [code]
lib/libalpm/package.h [code]
src/pacman/package.h [code]
pacman.c [code]
pacman.h [code]
pacsort.c [code]
pactree.c [code]
pkghash.c [code]
pkghash.h [code]
query.c [code]
rawstr.c [code]
lib/libalpm/remove.c [code]
src/pacman/remove.c [code]
remove.h [code]
sha2.c [code]
sha2.h [code]
signing.c [code]
signing.h [code]
lib/libalpm/sync.c [code]
src/pacman/sync.c [code]
sync.h [code]
testdb.c [code]
testpkg.c [code]
trans.c [code]
trans.h [code]
upgrade.c [code]
lib/libalpm/util.c [code]
src/pacman/util.c [code]
lib/libalpm/util.h [code]
src/pacman/util.h [code]
vercmp.c [code]
version.c [code]