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+# Management commands
+Archweb provides multiple management commands for importing various sorts of data. An overview of commands:
+* generate_keyring - Assemble a GPG keyring with all known developer keys.
+* pgp_import - Import keys and signatures from a given GPG keyring.
+* read_reproducible_status - Import rebuilderd status into Archweb.
+* rematch_developers - Rematch flag requests and packages where user_id/packager_id is NULL to a Developer.
+* reporead - Parses a repo.db.tar.gz, repo.files.tar.gz file and updates the Arch database with the relevant changes.
+* reporead_inotify - Watches a templated patch for updates of *.files.tar.gz to update Arch databases with.
+* donor_import - Import donators from a dovecot maildir dump.
+* mirrorcheck - Poll every active mirror URLs to store the lastsnyc time and record network timing details.
+* mirrorresolv - Poll every active mirror URLs and determine wheteher they have IP4 and/or IPv6 addresses.
+* populate_signoffs - retrieves the latest commit message of a signoff-eligible package.
+* update_planet - Import all feeds for users who have a valid website and website_rss in their user profile.
# Updating iPXE image
The netboot image can be updated by building the [AUR