BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dir-ownershipAllow checking ownership of directoriesDan McGee3 years
gperfConvert PKGINFO backend to use gperf hash functionDan McGee2 years
libarchive-2.8Restore libarchive 2.8.x compatibilityDan McGee23 months
maint4.1.2 release preparationAllan McRae17 months
masterversion: fix memory leak in early returnDave Reisner3 days
multiarchAdd support for multiple 'Architecture' valuesDan McGee2 years
random-fixesPush down testing .gitignore entriesDan McGee11 months
signingWIP: import ownertrustDan McGee3 years
signing2WIP: pacman-key revoked and trusted interactive workDan McGee3 years
workingWIP: pkgdelta changeDan McGee3 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  pacman-4.1.2.tar.gz  Allan McRae17 months  pacman-4.1.1.tar.gz  Allan McRae19 months  pacman-4.1.0.tar.gz  Allan McRae20 months  pacman-4.1.0rc1.tar.gz  Allan McRae20 months  pacman-4.0.3.tar.gz  Dan McGee3 years  pacman-4.0.2.tar.gz  Dan McGee3 years  pacman-4.0.1.tar.gz  Dan McGee3 years  pacman-4.0.0.tar.gz  Dan McGee3 years  pacman-4.0.0rc2.tar.gz  Dan McGee3 years  pacman-4.0.0rc1.tar.gz  Dan McGee3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysversion: fix memory leak in early returnHEADmasterDave Reisner1-1/+2
3 daysFix translation error and remove empty po filesAllan McRae9-8711/+1
4 daysUpdate po files to send to TransifexAllan McRae114-11229/+63544
4 daysPull translation updates from TransifexAllan McRae126-13267/+23291
4 daysDo not warn about missing files in NoExtractAllan McRae1-9/+21
4 daysAdd alpm_option_match_noextractAllan McRae2-0/+6
4 daysextract_single_file: fix memory leak in error conditionAllan McRae1-1/+1
4 days_alpm_backup_dup: fix memory leak in error caseAllan McRae1-2/+7
4 daysmakepkg: symlink files in noextract into $srcdirAllan McRae1-5/+6
4 daysRemove logging of NoExtract eventsAllan McRae1-2/+0
5 daysFix crash when using external downloaderAllan McRae1-4/+17
5 daysmakepkg: svn: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.Lukáš Jirkovský1-5/+1
5 daysmakepkg: only strip vcs prefixes from front of urlAndrew Gregory1-4/+4
5 daysmakepkg: do not strip bzr+ from bzr+ssh urlsAndrew Gregory1-1/+3
5 daysmakepkg: bzr: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.Allan McRae1-5/+11
13 daysmakepkg: hg: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.Lukáš Jirkovský1-4/+10
13 daysmakepkg: checkout a revision specified in SVN fragment in download_svn.Lukáš Jirkovský1-28/+15
13 daysmakepkg: git: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.Lukáš Jirkovský1-5/+14
13 daysmakepkg: improve stripping pkgdesc of whitespace for .PKGINFOAllan McRae1-1/+6
13 daysmakepkg: introduce .SRCINFO files for source packagesDave Reisner1-1/+98