BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maintFix gettext plural detectionDan McGee13 years
masterAdd directory name to ownership error messageDan McGee13 years
workingdoc/pacman: split -Su description in 3 paragraphsXavier Chantry13 years
v3.4.1pacman-3.4.1.tar.gz  Dan McGee13 years
v3.4.0pacman-3.4.0.tar.gz  Dan McGee13 years
v3.3.3pacman-3.3.3.tar.gz  Dan McGee14 years
v3.3.2pacman-3.3.2.tar.gz  Dan McGee14 years
v3.3.1pacman-3.3.1.tar.gz  Dan McGee14 years
v3.3.0pacman-3.3.0.tar.gz  Dan McGee14 years
v3.2.2pacman-3.2.2.tar.gz  Dan McGee15 years
v3.2.1pacman-3.2.1.tar.gz  Dan McGee15 years
v3.2.0pacman-3.2.0.tar.gz  Dan McGee15 years
v3.1.4pacman-3.1.4.tar.gz  Dan McGee16 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-02-25Add directory name to ownership error messageHEADmasterDan McGee1-1/+1
2011-02-25alpm: alpm_db_get_pkgcache_list => alpm_db_get_pkgcacheDave Reisner14-34/+34
2011-02-25alpm: remove public visibility of pmpkghash_tDave Reisner5-22/+7
2011-02-25Add test case for util-linux/util-linux-ng name switch and depsDan McGee1-0/+45
2011-02-25Continue resolving dependencies rather than bailing on first errorDan McGee2-16/+37
2011-02-25Various small spelling fixes and small tweaksDan McGee3-8/+13
2011-02-24Mark log callback format string constDan McGee8-10/+10
2011-02-22Remove trans->skip_addDan McGee3-10/+0
2011-02-16Don't generate filelist unless we are going to use itDan McGee1-1/+1
2011-02-16Conflict checking code cleanupDan McGee2-31/+13
2011-02-15Fix some database size estimation problemsDan McGee3-11/+32
2011-02-15Use CALLOC for _alpm_graph_new()Pang Yan Han1-11/+2
2011-02-11diskspace: allow used flag to be toggled for both remove and installDan McGee2-3/+9
2011-02-11Check mountpoint read-only status when checking spaceDan McGee3-4/+25
2011-02-11diskspace: use calloc instead of mallocDan McGee1-10/+2
2011-02-11Fix mount dir length calculationDan McGee1-3/+3
2011-02-11Avoid a memmove by advancing value pointerDan McGee1-0/+1
2011-02-11Fix fileconflict progress with only one packageDan McGee1-2/+4
2011-02-11Ensure pkgbase/epoch are defined before doing anythingDan McGee1-3/+4
2011-02-08Skip diskspace checking for symlinks and directories in all casesDan McGee2-42/+44