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Donate to Arch Linux

Arch Linux survives because of the tireless efforts of many people in the community and the core development circle. None of us are paid for our work, and we don't have the personal funds to sustain server costs ourselves.

There are many ways to help support Arch Linux. If technical development, documentation, or support aren't your strong points, you could certainly help us by dropping a few bucks our way.

Many thanks!

Monetary donations

Financial contributions are accepted via Click&Pledge or via SPI directly using PayPal or Credit Card payment. Arch Linux is a member project of the Software in the Public Interest, Inc. non-profit corporation. Funds are used for hosting costs, server hardware upgrades, and more. You are encouraged to learn more about the SPI, as well as how donations work.

Donate via Click&Pledge to Arch Linux

Commercial sponsors and contributions

We would like to thank Private Internet Access for sponsoring dedicated servers across the globe. Private Internet Access is the leading VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which create several layers of privacy and security providing users safety on the internet.

We would also like to thank Icons8 for their yearly monetary donation. Icons8 is a team of talented designers and engineers working on fulfilling all your icons needs.

Past donors

A huge thanks to you all for your contributions!

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