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Flag Package: {{ package.pkgname }} {{ package.full_version }} ({{ package.arch.name }})

If you notice a package is out-of-date (i.e., there is a newer stable release available), then please notify us using the form below. Do not report bugs via this form!

Note that the following {{ packages|length }} package{{ packages|pluralize }} will be marked out of date:

The message box portion is meant for short messages only. If you need more than 200 characters for your message, then file a bug report, email the maintainer directly, or send an email to the arch-general mailing list with your additional text.

Note: Do not use this facility if the package is broken! The package will be unflagged and the report will be ignored! Use the bugtracker to file a bug instead.

Please confirm your flag request for {{package.pkgname}}:

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