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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-08-08Drop old flag request version columnDan McGee1-0/+213
2012-08-08Migrate flag request version info to new formatDan McGee1-0/+218
2012-08-08Begin split of flag request version column into partsDan McGee1-0/+222
2012-08-04Remove optional package depends columnDan McGee1-0/+211
2012-08-04Make adjustments for optional -> deptype conversionDan McGee1-0/+210
2012-07-31Add new deptype column to package dependsDan McGee1-0/+212
2012-07-24Add index on package updates pkgname fieldDan McGee1-0/+208
2012-07-01Add indexes on 'created' field to several package-related modelsDan McGee1-0/+214
2012-07-01Add new package Update modelDan McGee1-0/+226
2012-05-18Migrate package depends data into new modelDan McGee1-0/+246
2012-05-18Add new depends modelDan McGee1-0/+199
2012-04-27Use GenericIPAddressField in flag request ip_addressDan McGee1-0/+181
2012-03-23Make all datetime objects fully timezone awareDan McGee1-1/+4
2012-01-10Add old version string to saved flag requestsrelease_2012-01-11Dan McGee1-0/+180
2011-12-08Add a new FlagRequest modelDan McGee1-0/+201
2011-11-14Allow population of signoff specs with SVN commit messagesDan McGee1-0/+165
2011-11-03Many signoff page improvementsDan McGee1-0/+183
2011-07-29Add index to package groups name fieldDan McGee1-0/+149
2011-07-06Add new packages signoff modelDan McGee1-0/+166
2011-05-03Add a created date to package relationsDan McGee1-0/+135
2011-03-23Add new package parts modelsDan McGee1-0/+167
2011-02-15Move license to a related modelDan McGee2-0/+238
2010-07-25Add package groups model and display to packagesDan McGee1-0/+109
2010-06-24Get unit tests up and running againDan McGee1-1/+3
2010-03-27Move package maintainer off of package modelDan McGee3-0/+305