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2012-07-01Update flag out of date verbiage when orphans are involvedrelease_2012-07-01Dan McGee1-1/+2
From FS#29922, indicate what happens if the package is unmaintained. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-07-01Add indexes on 'created' field to several package-related modelsDan McGee2-3/+217
These models regularly sort by or limit by the created field, so adding a index on the created database column makes sense. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-07-01Log package updates during reporead invocationDan McGee2-1/+42
This adds a Manager and log_update method to help log all updates made to the packages table during reporead runs. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-07-01Add new package Update modelDan McGee3-2/+302
This will be used to track updates to package as we do them during reporead. By storing enough relevant fields from the package object, we should be able to produce a useful report on a regular basis of what has been happening in the repositories. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-07-01Remove no-longer necessary delayed imports of PackageDan McGee1-10/+7
Since commit 158be107e4ad6, we have been importing the Package model at the top-level in this file, so we can kill this code that was never updated. This should also give us back any performance hit we were seeing from the delayed imports. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-06-20Add a last_modified field to user profilesDan McGee2-1/+125
A behind the scenes field that might be slightly useful. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-06-07Use 3 decimal places for showing compression ratioDan McGee1-1/+1
Otherwise there are too many grouped under each value. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-06-07Fix a few minor markup errorsDan McGee2-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-20Ensure we use last_modified date from News in headersDan McGee2-5/+6
We were actually using the postdate attribute rather than last_modified, which means any News objects that get edited would not trigger an update of the feed. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-19Add RSS links to /news/ and /packages/ URLsrelease_2012-05-20Dan McGee2-0/+5
These were available only from the home page, but it makes sense to advertise them on the corresponding index pages too. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-19reporead: fix copy/paste issueDan McGee1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Drop old PackageDepend modelDan McGee3-72/+136
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Switch to usage of new Depend objectDan McGee7-25/+54
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Migrate package depends data into new modelDan McGee1-0/+246
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Add new depends modelDan McGee2-0/+206
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18mirrors: add an alternate_email columnDan McGee3-2/+71
We have a lot of these in the freeform text area in the mirror notes; attempt to make this data usable as necessary if we want to do some sort of mirror notification automation in the future. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Issue redirects from non-agnostic to agnostic URLs if unambiguousDan McGee1-0/+10
For something like "/extra/i686/apache-ant/", we can redirect to "/extra/any/apache-ant/" without ambiguity. Previously this redirected to the split packages listing with a single package, which was neither correct nor really expected. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Link to provides/conflicts/replacements if we can in details templateDan McGee2-6/+16
Use the newly implemented get_best_satisfier() method that is in the abstract base class for all of these types. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Add a get_best_satisfier method to RelatedToBaseDan McGee1-1/+35
This is basically what we do in PackageDepend already. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Simplify get_best_satisfier and get_providersDan McGee1-27/+24
We always passed values in that came off the containing package object; we can access these directly in the methods themselves. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-18Refactor an abstract base class out of conflicts/provides/replacesDan McGee1-24/+17
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-13Add ability to restrict status report to single tierrelease_2012-05-13Dan McGee4-6/+20
This should make it easier to catch errors in our Tier 1 mirrors. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-13Add rsync support to mirrorcheck and other small improvementsDan McGee2-43/+91
The main changes in this patch implement rsync:// protocol checking support by calling the rsync binary, requested in FS#29878. We track and log much of the same things as we already do for FTP and HTTP URLs- check time, last sync, total check duration, etc. Also added in this patch is a configurable timeout value which defaults to the previous hardcoded value of 10 seconds; this can be passed as an option to the mirrorcheck command. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-13Use linebreaksbr filter on log error message textDan McGee1-1/+1
If we get a multi-line message in, we should show line breaks at the appropriate places. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-13Change mirror log error text to unlimited lengthDan McGee2-1/+71
Use TextField rather than a limited-length CharField; leave it up to the code filling this field to determine an appropriate length. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-13Don't limit protocols returned by mirror status functionDan McGee1-2/+0
If results weren't available for certain URLs, they won't show up anyway in this list, and if we start to check rsync URLs, then we want their values to come back in this status list. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-12Use python json module directly in place of simplejsonDan McGee6-23/+18
As of Python 2.6, this is a builtin module that has all the same functions and capabilities of the Django simplejson module. Additionally simplejson is deprecated in the upcoming Django 1.5 release. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-12Change to new time access methods in pgpdump codeDan McGee2-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-11Update requirements.txtDan McGee2-4/+4
Bump to a new South bugfix release as well as bumping the pgpdump library requirement to a more performant version. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-05Update SevenL sponsor verbiageDan McGee2-13/+15
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-05Fix suggestion caching again for non-ASCII charactersrelease_2012-05-05Dan McGee1-1/+2
This is why you should test this stuff with random input before rolling it out. Whoops. URL that caught this problem: /opensearch/packages/suggest?q=%D7%A0%D7%9F%D7%92%D7%9F aka /opensearch/packages/suggest?q=נןגן Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-04Fix search suggestions for invalid cache keysDan McGee1-2/+3
Unfortunately, "invalid" in this case includes spaces, which is a bit crazy. MD5 the provided search term before using it as a cache key to be safe. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-02Add a smart protocol filter to mirrorlist generatorDan McGee2-15/+41
This will only list FTP mirrors for a given country if there are no HTTP mirrors available, since FTP must die. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-02Allow mirrorlist generator pattern to match any protocolDan McGee2-9/+14
Add a helper method that checks if we know about the protocol; if so, we can spit out a URL for it. This allows (if you are insane) generation of an rsync mirrorlist, for instance. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-02Flagging related cleanups and improvementsrelease_2012-05-02Dan McGee2-21/+33
Touch up the style slightly on the flag help popup to match the main site style more closely. When a logged-in user is flagging a package out of date, we have no need for them to fill in the email field since we already have an email address on file. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-02rematch_developers: do mass updates instead of single savesDan McGee1-31/+30
When updating a lot of objects, it makes much more sense to perform targeted update queries rather than one-row-at-a-time saves. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-02Move release version scope up a bit on the pageDan McGee1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-02Ensure order_by default value is cleared when using distinct()Dan McGee5-9/+14
Otherwise the queryset returns nonsensical results. I find the design of this less than obvious but so be it; we can ensure the results work regardless of a default ordering on the model. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-01Add some caching to the Opensearch-related viewsDan McGee1-5/+13
Both some simple cache headers as well as low-level results caching on search terms suggestions. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-01Opensearch enhancementsDan McGee4-7/+30
* Add a 64x64 icon as indicated in the Opensearch specification. * Add suggestions capability and a new view providing suggestions based on package name starting with the typed value. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-01Add a 144x144 apple-touch-icon to the resourcesDan McGee2-0/+1
This is used on the high-resolution display of newer iPads, as well as other tablets sure to come with high-resolution displays. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-05-01Refresh apple-touch-icon logosDan McGee3-0/+0
Rerun optipng on them to shrink them a bit more, and add the 'TM' text to the 114x114 icon since it is big enough to hold it and still be visible. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-29Use a custom User-Agent when checking mirror URLsDan McGee1-7/+10
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-29Add a "last action" column to developer clocks pageDan McGee2-10/+54
This allows people to easily see if a developer has done anything recently that we can easily grab a date for. Obviously this doesn't include all sources of activity, so the list of things checked is clearly stated at the top. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-29Make colspan match number of columns in developer dashboardDan McGee1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-28mirrorresolv: only run update query if values changedDan McGee1-1/+7
98% of the time, we won't need to update the existing values as it will be the same as the prior run of this command. Do a quick check of the old and new values and don't send anything to the database if there is no need for an update. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-27Flip package update feeds table orientationDan McGee1-7/+11
Most of the time, more rows is better than more columns, and there are more repositories than architectures. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-27Dev dashboard performance improvementDan McGee2-9/+14
Rather than one query per cell in the arches and repos statistics tables, we can group these together up front using Django annotations. This means we only need one query per table. In my local instance with all of the staging repos imported, this reduces the total query count on this page from 56 to 26, a rather marked improvement. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-27Use GenericIPAddressField in flag request ip_addressDan McGee2-1/+184
New (and slightly odd with regards to verbose_name) in Django 1.4. This simply ensures a deployment in an IPv6 environment actually works as expected. If you were using PostgreSQL as a database backend, you won't be affected by this as the 'inet' type was already used, but at least now you can edit the values in the admin without getting an error. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
2012-04-27Remove misleading comment from settings.pyDan McGee1-2/+0
We're not using cache middleware anymore, and this bug is fixed anyway. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>