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authorDan McGee <>2013-02-10 12:45:24 -0600
committerDan McGee <>2013-02-10 12:45:24 -0600
commit5bc85244281efc916132c86046018d0ebe70b5e9 (patch)
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Fix split packages sitemaprelease_2013-02-16
We had a ton of duplicate entries included due to the query implicitly including a 'GROUP BY' clause on the default sorting by pkgname. Fix it and cut the sitemap down to the correct size without duplicate entries. Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
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diff --git a/packages/ b/packages/
index 49aeb8ce..ef6311eb 100644
--- a/packages/
+++ b/packages/
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ def get_split_packages_info():
pkgnames = Package.objects.values('pkgname')
split_pkgs = Package.objects.exclude(pkgname=F('pkgbase')).exclude(
pkgbase__in=pkgnames).values('pkgbase', 'repo', 'arch').annotate(
- last_update=Max('last_update'))
+ last_update=Max('last_update')).order_by().distinct()
all_arches = Arch.objects.in_bulk({s['arch'] for s in split_pkgs})
all_repos = Repo.objects.in_bulk({s['repo'] for s in split_pkgs})
for split in split_pkgs: