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public: remove PIA as sponsor from the website
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@@ -37,17 +37,6 @@
<h3>Commercial sponsors and contributions</h3>
- <p>We would like to thank <a href=""
- title="Private Internet Access">Private Internet Access</a> for sponsoring
- dedicated servers across the globe. Private Internet Access is the leading
- VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which
- create several layers of privacy and security providing users safety on the
- internet.</p>
- <a href="" title="Private Internet Access">
- <img src="{% static "pia_logo.png" %}"
- class="sponsor-btn-pia" title="" alt="Private Internet Access logo"/></a>
<p>We would also like to thank <a href="" title="Icons8">
Icons8</a> for their yearly monetary donation. Icons8 is a team of talented
designers and engineers working on fulfilling all your icons needs.</p>
diff --git a/templates/public/index.html b/templates/public/index.html
index c6a9b3e5..a034f5e9 100644
--- a/templates/public/index.html
+++ b/templates/public/index.html
@@ -199,10 +199,6 @@
<div id="arch-sponsors" class="widget">
- <a href="" title="Private Internet Access">
- <img src="{% static "pia_button.png" %}"
- title="" alt="Private Internet Access logo"/>
- </a>
<a href="" title="Dedicated Root Server, VPS &amp; Hosting - Hetzner Online GmbH">
<img src="{% static "hetzner_logo.png" %}"
title="" alt="Hetzner logo"/>