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Remove SevenL from sponsors list
They've been good to us for several years, but our hardware requirements have changed and we've moved on to using different machines for the purposes this donated machine served. Thanks! Signed-off-by: Dan McGee <>
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title="velocity network"><img width="252" height="58" src="{% static "vnet_button.png" %}" class="sponsor-btn-vnet"
title="" alt="velocity network - it's about time" /></a>
- <p>We also wish to extend a special thank you to <a
- href=""
- title="7L Networks - Dedicated Arch Linux servers">7L Networks</a>
- for their generous and ongoing contribution of a dedicated Arch Linux
- server. You too can have a dedicated Arch Linux server, or your <a
- href=""
- title="7L Networks - Server Colocation">server colocation service</a>,
- with 7L. Head over to their website for more details.</p>
- <a href=""
- title="7L Networks - Dedicated Arch Linux servers"><img width="252" height="58" src="{% static "sevenl_button.png" %}"
- class="sponsor-btn-sevenl" title="A big Thank You to 7L Networks for their generous contribution"
- alt="We would like to express our thanks to 7L Networks for their generous contribution" /></a>
<p>More thanks go to <a href=""
title=""></a> for contributing a VMWare-based Virtual Machine.</p>
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<div id="arch-sponsors" class="widget">
<a href="" title="Velocity Network">
<img width="252" height="58" src="{% static "vnet_button.png" %}" alt="Velocity Network - It's about time" />
- <a href="" title="7L Networks">
- <img width="252" height="58" src="{% static "sevenl_button.png" %}" alt="7L Networks Inc." />
- </a>
<a href="" title=" - Your Green Technology Partner">
<img width="252" height="58" src="{% static "airvm_button.png" %}" alt=" - Your Green Technology Partner" />
{% endcache %}