BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
enhanced-searchWIP on search stuffDan McGee12 years
masterRemove pylint lintingJelle van der Waa18 months
mirror_locationAdd continent by country lookupDan McGee10 years
workingWIP: negative signoffDan McGee9 years
release_2020-10-01archweb-release_2020-10-01.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa20 months
release_2020-09-17archweb-release_2020-09-17.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa20 months
release_2020-08-03archweb-release_2020-08-03.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa21 months
release_2020-07-22archweb-release_2020-07-22.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa22 months
release_2020-07-10archweb-release_2020-07-10.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa22 months
release_2020-06-29archweb-release_2020-06-29.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa23 months
release_2020-06-05archweb-release_2020-06-05.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa23 months
release_2020-04-09archweb-release_2020-04-09.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa2 years
release_2020-03-28archweb-release_2020-03-28.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa2 years
release_2020-02-13archweb-release_2020-02-13.tar.gz  Jelle van der Waa2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-11-30Master keys: reduce query count, add default orderingrelease_2011-11-30Dan McGee2-1/+5
2011-11-30Allow generation of an ownertrust fileDan McGee1-3/+26
2011-11-30Integrate master key into rest of siteDan McGee3-4/+24
2011-11-30Add master key overview pageDan McGee5-6/+95
2011-11-30Add master key model and admin integrationDan McGee3-0/+105
2011-11-30Move main fields to separate moduleDan McGee2-34/+44
2011-11-30Add initial migration for devel appDan McGee2-0/+18
2011-11-30reporead: split out filesonly update methodDan McGee1-75/+95
2011-11-30Add more precise sort for last update signoff columnDan McGee2-2/+15
2011-11-30Fix minor validation errorDan McGee1-1/+1
2011-11-30reporead: fix filesonly needs update checksDan McGee1-3/+5
2011-11-21Better support for non-latin full namesrelease_2011-11-21Dan McGee7-6/+164
2011-11-17reporead: don't trim pkgdesc lengthDan McGee1-3/+3
2011-11-17Display package URLs unquoted if possibleDan McGee2-2/+13
2011-11-17Change package description to a text fieldrelease_2011-11-17Dan McGee2-1/+154
2011-11-17Ensure reporead is protected against simultaneous runsDan McGee3-101/+263
2011-11-17reporead_inotify: nice the spawned subprocessesDan McGee1-4/+9
2011-11-16reporead_inotify: close connection once we are done with itDan McGee1-0/+6
2011-11-16reporead_inotify: spin up read_repo() in separate threadDan McGee1-2/+9
2011-11-16reporead: a few small tweaksDan McGee1-3/+4